An absence of trust and fear of conflict can lead to a lack of commitment among team members. Teams that lack commitment have ‘absent members’, lack direction, are unable to set clear priorities, and revisit the same discussions over and over. To build a committed team, each member has to be engaged and ‘buy-in’ to the goals and common objectives of the team. When each member of a team is committed, the direction and priorities of a team become clear.


How do you get commitment from your team? What are some traits that would normally define commitment within your team?



“...people tend to be committed to what they're doing because otherwise most likely they wouldn't stay. So I think for the most part, it's really based around their strengths to their role.”

What does commitment look like coming from a position of leadership?



"As somebody who was a vice president at two foundations and the executive director of two nonprofits before that, commitment looks like everybody, regardless of what their job is - whether it's a social worker or the fundraiser or the president - sitting down and signing thank you notes to donors because it's important that there's a live signature on that or stamping envelopes. It's not about being too high and mighty to do that. It's just the thing that needs to be done. And sometimes we set aside what our job is to do the right thing."

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